Our Doggie Daycare and Pet Boarding Services are specifically designed for dog owners with busy schedules. We understand that most people work long hours and hate to leave their dogs alone all day. We have created a facility where dogs can socialize, exercise and develop positive behaviors all in a safe, Cage-Free Environment.

Our Dog Grooming Services include state-of-the-art equipment, a relaxing environment, and constant supervision. Our goal is to provide the most relaxing environment possible for your pet so he or she doesn’t stressed. We accomplish this through aromatherapy, classical music and a constant gentle touch from our groomers. You will also find that there are no cold cages for your pet to sit in for hours. All grooming and bathing services are Cage-Free! Our grooming is done by appointment only so that we can give our personal attention to your pet.

Our Doggie Daycare Overnight Pet Boarding Services include a full day of Doggie Daycare every day of the week and on the weekend. You will have peace of mind knowing that your dog is spending countless hours playing with both our staff and other daycare dogs instead of laying around alone in a cold cage or run with little to no human contact and love. We also provide Kennel Boarding Services for dogs that are not spayed/neutered or would do better in a one-on-one environment. Our Cat Boarding Services include playtime with our staff in a large room specifically designed for our feline friends and lots of love.

We are so excited to announce that we have expanded our Daycare and Overnight Boarding services to Pocket Pets and Exotic Pets!

Dog Boarding & Cat Boarding in Delaware

For dog owners with busy schedules, or for those who work long hours and hate to leave their dogs alone all day, our facility is a stable place where dogs can socialize, exercise and develop positive behaviors in a safe, cage-free environment. In addition to Dog Daycare, we also offer Boarding Services, Grooming and Dog Training. By the way, our clients include cats too!

Your dog will get to play with his or her friends all day, instead of sitting at home lonely and bored. When you come home exhausted from a long day, your dog will be just as tired and ready to cuddle up with you for the rest of the night!

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